How to burn fat not muscles for workouts

1. Cut down on the amount of high fat content foods you eat (fried food,junk food, breaded foods, sweets…)
2. Eat a high protein , moderate carbs and low fat diet
3. Forget the 3 meals a day. To speed up your metabolism and burn fat quicker, you should start eating 5-6 small meals a day, instead of the 3 big meals that you might be used to. Your stomach will shrink and you will burn more calories naturally because even the digesting of the food burns calories!
4. Eat fruits and vegetables everyday. Try to consume them with every meal.
5. Include green tea in ur diet, olive oil and almonds.
6. Exercise at least 3 times a week (cardio + weight lifting)
So those are some simple tips that you can use to burn fat not muscle. Just try to keep things as simple as you can.


Ursolic acid is present in many plants, including apples, bilberries, cranberries, elder flowers, peppermint, lavender, oregano, thyme, prunes…

Ursolic acid has medicinally action.It is used in many cosmetic preparations for its anti-inflammatory, antitumor and antimicrobial properties. It has an antibacterial and antifungal activity. Tests have shown that Ursolic acid inhibits the growth of Candida albicans and Microsporium lenosum.
Scientific research which led to the isolation and identification of ursolic acid revealed and confirmed that several pharmacological effects, such as, anti-tumor, hepatoprotective, anti-inflammatory (oral and topical), anti-ulcer, antimicrobial, anti-hyperlipidemic and antiviral, can be attributed to ursolic acid. 
Ursolic acid has anti-inflammatory properties .It is Analgesic, Anti-tumor, Anti-bacterial, Diuretic, Anti-diabetic, Anti-oxidant, COX-2 Inhibitor and more.

Have 3 unpealed apples a day, It’ll keep the doctor away!



1-      Fights breast cancer
2-      Prevents lung cancer
3-      Slows prostate cancer
4-      Keeps PSA levels stable
5-      Prevents osteoarthritis
6-      Protects arteries
7-      Prevents Alzheimer disease
8-      Lowers LDL cholesterol
9-      Lowers blood pressure
10-   Interferes in dental protection

Top-line advice

  • Balance calories by enjoying food but eating less, and by avoiding oversize portions.
  • Eat more good stuff: Make half the plate fruit and vegetables, switch to nonfat or low-fat milk.
  • Eat less bad stuff: Look for lower-sodium soups, breads, and frozen meals; drink water instead of sugary drinks.                                                          

The New Food Plate