Lemon Verbena is a woody, deciduous shrub that has a distinct lemon scent.

The plant is used in folk medicine to help aid digestion. It has a sedative effect and is used as an aid to reduce fevers.
It is most commonly available in its dried form for making tea.

Digestive aid
It contains mild antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and astringent qualities.It helps with digestion and relieves nausea and cramps.It calms stomach spasm and colon irritability, reducing symptoms of flatulence, upset stomach and diarrhea.

Cold and fever relief
It has a soothing effect on nasal and bronchial congestion. It helps reduce fever, especially if it is caused by a flu. Due to its expectorant properties it relieves coughs  and colds.

Natural mood lifter
It elevates  the mood in symptoms of mild depression. It has a pleasing lemon aroma and taste that relaxes the nervous system.

This plant regulates the menstrual cycle relieving its symptoms.

One of the best ways to prepare lemon verbena tea is to use it in combination with mint or licorice.

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