Prickly Pear

Nutritionally, the Prickly Pear can be a goldmine of vitamins and minerals.High in amino acids, high fiber content, good levels of Vitamin C and Bioflavoids, addind this fruit to your diet may be a good idea!!
The fruit has been known as a great source of fiber, helpful to the digestive system. It works as a colon cleanser.
The good level of amino acids has been associated with the benefit of lowering high cholesterol, cleaning up the arteries reducing the formation of plaque and improving circulation.
Type II Diabetes may particularly benefit from lower glucose levels within one hour of consuming the plant juice.
Supplements help athletes overcome muscle soreness and get a nice jolt of energy.

Usage: Eaten fresh, juices, marmalades, jelly, ice cream and dessert sauces.
Selection: Alsa called Cactus Pear, Tuna Fruit, Indian Figs and Mission Cactus, good quality is egg-shaped and has yellow  to magenta coloring depending on the variety

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