A Special Grain-Buckwheat-Sarrasin

A Special Grain-Buckwheat-Sarrasin
A fruit seed that is gluten-free
It is  a quality source of nutrition for people with gluten allergies and Celiac disease. 
Buckwheat is also fermented to make gluten-free beer, which is also gaining popularity among special dieters.

It provides adequate amount of proteins (12%) necessary because it contains essential amino acids.
A grain that's good for your cardiovascular system; it decreases the cholesterol level by eliminating fat.
It prevents the development of biliary lithiasis by optimizing the synthesis of biliary acids and eliminating neutral and acid fat.
It is high in magnesium.It has a relaxing effect  over blood vessels, improving circulation and decreasing blood pressure.
Rich in Vitamins with B complex it is recommended in case of liver disorders and sugary diabetes.
Finally, it is considered to be an Antidote for X ray irradiations and other forms of irradiation.


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